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Restrictions and Prohibitions in Machu Picchu

  The following people or objects will be prohibited for the entry and/or removed      from the archaeological site:

  • Customers found under the effects of toxic substances, alcohol, drugs or other substances.
  • Firearms or air guns, ammunition, explosives, inflammable substances or other objects which alters the order within the archaeological site.
  • Bows and arrows, implements of hunting and fishing, axes, machetes, knives exceeding the 07 cm. or excavation tools.
  • Any kind of trap to capture fauna specimens.
  • Fuels such as kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline.
  • Sound equipment and other noise generators.
  • Pets.
  • Candles
  • Visitors showing behaviors against morality.

  Is completely forbidden:

  • To make bonfires
  • The consumption of food.
  • To make graffiti on the walls
  • To climb the Inca walls
  • To make loud noises (whistling, shouting).
  • To use any space as toilet
  • Drinks in plastic container, you must use canteens
  • Destroy the flora and fauna of the archaeological sites.
  • Walking sticks; except for adults older or disabled.
  • Smoking in the archaeological sites and the surrounding areas.

Note: The checkpoint of Machu Picchu reserves the right, to restrict entry into their enclosures to persons whose state of health is very delicate and inappropriate as well as women in advanced state of pregnancy.
- The complex of Machu Picchu is not responsible for health or physical condition of customers or any accident or problem that may happen as a result of your visit.

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